10 Easy Tips to Simplify Your Life Today {Part 2}

10 Easy Tips to Simplify Your Life Today {Part 2} Feature Image

The older I get the more I think I may be transitioning into becoming a minimalist. I feel like I’ve always had a love for simplicity and stillness, but today, in my mid-thirties, I feel like I am truly living it. Simplicity with intentionality.

There is a balance that comes when you are able to slow down and simplify your life. There is a freeing sense of contentment and joy that lies in just being still and knowing that God will take care of everything. I have experienced this joy. And, so I am sharing these tips with you today in hopes that you may experience that same joy in your life as well.

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Last week, here on CWC, I shared with you Part 1 of this post, 10 Easy Tips to Simplify Your Life Today. I’ll let you go back and check it out in detail, but just to give you the quick rundown…I shared with you the power of self-love, nature, budgeting, clearing the clutter, and cutting back on TV time in designing a simpler lifestyle.

Today, we continue…

  1. 6) Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Ok, I’ll admit, this tip is not really doable in a day. But you can start to think on it today. Do you love what you do? Do you wish you had a different career? Are you not feeling like you are fulfilling your purpose? Take a moment to assess where you are, where you are going, and whether or not you are happy there. Maybe it is time for a change of direction. Trust me, I’ve been there. And changing our direction revitalized our life in ways I cannot even measure. That change also led us down this path of simplifying our life.
  2. 7) Get Coffee with a Friend: Meet up with a friend–in person, no texting or calling, but chatting face-to-face with no time limit. Just go hang out at a local coffee house together. No rush, no expectation; just good company and good coffee. Breaking away from a crazy schedule to reconnect in person is a surefire way to push back against the chaos in your life.
  3. 8) Clean Out Your Closet: I am in the midst of shifting into a capsule wardrobe. I’m not much of a clothes shopper, but I am kind of a clothes hoarder. Not anymore. I’m planning on donating and selling a bunch of clothes and streamlining my wardrobe to just a few simple pieces. I’m going for more of a minimalist fashion closet. And I’m loving it. I know cleaning out your closet is no small feat. But you can start today, throw a few things in a bag for donating and you are on your way to simplifying…if not your life, at least your closet!
  4. 9) Do Something Old Fashioned: This one is just fun. Do something your grandma or great-grandma would have done at your age. Hang clothes out on a line to dry, try your hand at canning, or churn your own butter. Make something, anything, completely from scratch. You’ll appreciate the skills that were necessary and you might even find yourself enjoying what you are doing. Sure, convenience is nice, but sometimes we need to take a pause and appreciate what convenience provides us. Plus, slowing down while completing a new task can be refreshingly joyful.
  5. 10) Clutter Clearing Challenge: Wildland Man and I have been working through our clutter these days. Though I really feel like we don’t have much, there’s always that box in the back of the closet that you forgot about. Mine happens to have a bunch of old CDs in it. Yeah, that dates me. But I’m determined to go through them and move on. So, in the spirit of clearing the clutter, I’ve designed a little Clutter Clearing Challenge for y’all. (Check it out below…) Getting rid of the extra stuff that you aren’t using in your house is a great first step to simplifying your life today, and it’s one that you can really see make a difference!

Clutter Clearing Challenge

As you read in tip #10 above, I’ve designed a Clutter Clearing Challenge for you. There are several of these challenges that exist out there (just check out Pinterest), but I thought I’d design one that went along with the past two posts here on CWC.

This Clutter Clearing Challenge is set up to be done over the next 10 weeks, wrapping up just before Thanksgiving, perfect timing to clear the clutter before the Holiday Season!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a step toward simplifying your life by starting to clear out the clutter today. Just print and go below! Good luck!

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As you are probably aware of by now, I am pretty in love with the idea of simplifying, slowing down, and just being still.

You can read more about these concepts and my adoration for them as I strive to live them all out more abundantly in my life here:

So, what do you think? Are you on board for simplifying your life today? Do you have your own tips you’d like to share? Please consider adding your comment at the bottom of this page, I’m all about community and learning from one another and would love to hear from you!


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