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CWC chronicles the country life, the simple life, and the fire life from the perspective of a provincial country wife. Founded in faith, the purpose of Country Wife Chronicles is to share the joys of slowing down and savoring the art of being still in the Lord. The blog features various aspects of country living, realistic tips for simplifying your life, ideas for building up your marriage, as well as the Country Wife’s favorite recipes.

The founder of Country Wife Chronicles, with her husband, Wildland Man, made the choice to shift their priorities and switch into a lower gear when they were overcome by the overwhelm in a previous career field. This shift resulted in a $70,000 combined income pay cut that led to unequivocal joy and contentment in the simplicity and stillness of country living.



Loving the Country Life

Enjoy down-home cooking tips, no-hassle recipes, and comfort foods in this section of Country Wife Chronicles. The Country Wife will share advice on learning to plan ahead to be more self-sufficient when living far from necessities and you’ll find various country crafts and DIY projects for the country home and holidays. Other topics include ideas for enjoying the great outdoors, gardening, and finding peace to grow your faith in a natural setting.


Savor Simple Life


Savoring the Simple Life

Simplicity is the overarching theme of this section of the Country Wife Chronicles: simply natural recipes, tips and ideas for slowing down, stress management through fitness and faith, developing routines to organize and simplify your life, and tips for stretching the dollar to gain financial freedom. The Country Wife shares her journey in choosing stillness in hopes that you will find the joy of being still too.


Living the Fire Life Category at the Country Wife Chronicles


Living the Fire Life

When the Country Wife and Wildland Man made the choice to change their careers, they had no idea it would lead them into the realm of Wildland Firefighting. But as Wildland Man continues his career path in this field, the Country Wife is learning what it means to be a Fire Wife. She shares the importance of forming and relying on a firm faith foundation in their marriage and challenges her reader to be a Wife on Fire by making a daily effort for her spouse. She’ll share the ups and downs of life as a Fire Wife, as well as lessons learned in hopes of building a community that can support and encourage one another in these unique circumstances.



About the Country Wife


Hi, I’m Lacey, the gal behind the blog—the self-proclaimed Country Wife. I am so grateful to be able to share my country life with you, and am absolutely in awe that you are even here reading about it…thank you, truly.

I grew up in an itty-bitty town in the Midwest with a love for anything country rustic running through my veins. Though the setting has changed over the years, my desire to slow down and savor the stillness of a simple country life has only grown. I am blessed to share this journey with my best friend, my Wildland Man, as we navigate the path our good Lord sets before us together.

I have always been a sharer, pretty much an open-book; especially if I felt sharing my story could benefit another. I am a big believer in sharing our stories to unite commonalities and to learn from and mentor one another in this big, intimidating, often overwhelming, crazy thing called life. It is my greatest desire to utilize the platform of Country Wife Chronicles as a place to share my faith, my passions, and my stories with anyone willing to stop by and stay awhile.

The irony of this dream is that I utterly fear putting myself out there for the world to judge. I guess I’m facing that fear with this leap of faith. Now I’m freaking out. Probably shouldn’t have typed that. Can’t stop thinking about it. Changing the subject… I loathe feeling uncomfortably hot, foods with weird textures, and all things creepy-crawly. Yeah, that was an awkward transition. Moving on…

Things I cherish in this life the most are my faith, my health, and my marriage. My faith is my foundation and is what I base all my life’s decisions on; it is what guides me and moves me. I am always working to make my health a priority and overcome past struggles I’ve had in this area to be my very best self, acknowledging the fact that my health affects all areas of my life. My husband, Wildland Man…my one and only; I cannot even fathom life without him by my side. From the day we said, “I do,” I made it my mission to always make an effort in our marriage, to continually work at unconditional love and to always seek improvement, so as to not succumb to the divorce rate statistics of this world. It has been and continues to be my greatest investment.

Learning to savor the stillness…

Though my soul has forever longed for stillness, it hasn’t always come so easily to me. There was a time and a place in which I was stressed to the max, my anxious heart aching for calm, just trying to keep up with the fast-paced world around me. It was during this time, on the brink of a breakdown, that I made the conscious choice to change. It sounds simple now, but this was no small feat. I had to do some major soul searching, trust God in taking a life-changing leap of faith into the unknown, and embrace going against the grain of those around me. Psalm 46:10 became my life’s mantra: “Be still and know…” In this stillness, I learned to exhale. To breathe. To soak up and revel in the quiet. These are things I knew once before, but they got lost somewhere along the way. It is my prayer that in sharing my journey back to savoring the stillness, you may find a path there as well.

Be Still & Know…

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Country Wife Chronicles is dedicated to Gracia Gillming, a loving mentor and friend who showed me what it looked like to live for the glory of God. Graci was a prayer warrior, a constant source of encouragement, and a bold example of faith to many. She never ceased to inspire and the light of the Lord’s love was ever-present in her, shining forth like a beacon of hope. It was Graci’s battle with ovarian cancer that instilled the courage I needed to seek out a platform to share my story for His glory. I pray that Country Wife Chronicles will serve as that platform, allowing God to move through theses pages in memory of Graci.

“See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”   Isaiah 43:19


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Disclaimer: I am not an expert, nor do I pretend to be. I’m just sharing best practices that I’ve experienced in the topics that Country Wife Chronicles covers. I value other opinions and love to learn from others. I share to benefit my readers, but in no way claim that my opinions are the only opinions or option(s) available.

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