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Waste not, want not. That should really be the title of this post. Because if you’ve been reading along the past couple weeks you know that this DIY Pallet Deck Table is project #3 that we got out of just a couple of pallets.

First, Wildland Man and I picked up some pallets to create herb boxes for our deck railing. You can read about that project in DIY Pallet Planters {Part 1}.

Then, we used some of the leftover pallet scrap to make a large square planter box to put flowers out by our mailbox. You can read about that project in DIY Pallet Planters {Part 2}.

Finally, we used what was left of the pallet wood to construct this little table for our deck.

Our outdoor space is still a work in progress, but for now we were able to add this small, simple table to our deck sitting area. Since we built it, we customized it to cover a tote we have on the deck for storage. It makes for a quaint little place to dine al fresco.

And it was super cheap and easy to make. A simple upgrade to the tote eyesore sitting outside the door.

DIY Pallet Deck Table Finished Sitting AreaI didn’t do a lot of research for this project; we really just had some extra pallet boards and decided we’d try to cover up the tote on our deck with a basic table.

For more pallet project inspiration, be sure to check out CWC’s Pallet Projects Pinterest board. 

As mentioned in Part 1 and Part 2 of my DIY Pallet Planters posts, this post won’t be real specific as far as measurements and instructions go.

Disclaimer: The point of sharing this pallet project with you is to get you inspired to DIY your own pallet creation. I’m not including measurements or specifics here, because half the fun of a project like this is customizing it to your own needs. My apologies if you were looking for a blueprint for a pallet table with this post.

Materials List for DIY Pallet Deck Table:

  • Tape Measure
  • Hand Saw or Circular Saw
  • Screwdriver and/or Hammer
  • Screws and/or Nails
  • Pallet Wood

**Be sure to check out Part 1 of this post for more details on where to find pallet wood, what to look for in selecting a pallet, and how to dismantle a pallet.

DIY Pallet Deck Table Pieces

After you’ve assessed what you have for pallet wood, go ahead and measure and cut your boards to suit your needs. We were specifically trying to conceal a tote we have sitting on our deck for outdoor storage, so that’s what we used to base our measurements off of.

First, we built a frame for the underside of the tabletop to the dimensions (well, actually a bit larger than the exact tote dimensions) of the tote we were trying to conceal. Then Wildland Man started to cut the tabletop planks to cover the frame with a bit of an overhang around all sides.

DIY Pallet Deck Table Top

The next thing Wildland Man did was screw these measured and cut pallet board planks to the frame for the top of the table.

DIY Pallet Deck Table Top Underside Frame

Here’s a look at the underside of the tabletop. You can see the frame that we attached the legs to next. As mentioned before, we made sure the frame was a bit larger than the tote dimensions so that the legs, when attached to the frame, would remain on the outside of the tote.

DIY Pallet Deck Table Finished Project

Finally, we simply added legs to the frame under the tabletop and voilà; there you have it, a finished simply rustic, deck table!

DIY Pallet Deck Table Before and After Photos

We really kept this table very simple, not intending it for long-term use on our deck, but we had the wood and it really didn’t take much to piece it together and cover up the tote we were currently using outside.

As with the DIY Pallet Planters, once again, I did not do any kind of finishing on this project. I like the rustic, weathered look the pallets provide and I plan to eventually replace this, so we just went with it in its original condition.

I should mention, this table is super-simple built. And pretty wobbly. It would be better to give it some additional bracing by framing out the bottom if possible. Again, we were going for simplicity here and a short-term, quick fix for an eyesore. Our purposes don’t need this table to be super stable or long lasting. Plus, we need to be able to slide the tote out from under the table easily, so we opted to not include a structural frame at the bottom of the table.

Have I mentioned before how much I love the country life? Front porch/deck sitting and all that it entails?

Wide-open spaces are my jam. Breathing in the fresh air, soaking in the sun’s rays, closing my eyes to feel the breeze brushing by my skin. Sitting out on our deck is pure bliss. I do it daily.

Now all I need are a couple of rocking chairs and some sweet tea and I’ll be rockin’ this southern living lifestyle thing.

All right, so that’s our quick and easy DIY Pallet Deck Table. If you missed the rest of our pallet projects, be sure to check out these previous posts on CWC:

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What pallet projects do you have in mind for this spring/summer? I hope you are able to knock out as many projects as we were able to with just a couple pallets!

Join in the conversation by commenting at the bottom of this page:

  • What ideas do you have for using pallet scraps?

  • What tips can you share for getting the most out of your materials when working with pallets?

  • What’s on your DIY pallet project list?


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