A Day in the Life of a Fire Wife {Part 1}

A Day in the Life of a Fire Wife-Part 1; Country Wife Chronicles

As I’ve mentioned before, there are two seasons when living the Wildland Fire Life—fire season and not fire season, or the off-season.

These two times of year aren’t necessarily written in stone, they are a general guideline, but each year is different and the length of each fully depends on your geographic location.

For Wildland Man and I, at least currently, the fire season seems to out-length the off-season. Something I’m still getting used to. For us, the trade-off is more experience for my husband during the longer fire season. Then, eventually, hopefully, we can afford to move somewhere with a shorter fire season.

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Living the Fire Life

Living the Fire Life at Country Wife Chronicles

I never would have imagined this life for us…ten years post-college and we are both pursuing our dreams, a little delayed perhaps, but here we are chasing the fire life.

As you may have gathered by now, I refer to my hubby as Wildland Man…not so long ago we were high school teachers working in the same building and same department. Now I’m attempting the blogging thing and Wildland Man is, well, all about wildland fire.  You can read more about our journey here.

This career change has come with some adjustments to what we were used to before, and a few major moves across the country; definitely some sacrifices along the way…but it’s been an adventure, a whole new world of exploration and learning. It is a life worth living and a life that is uniquely ours.

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Energy Bites

Homemade Energy Bites at Country Wife Chronicles

Wildland Man is the cook in our household. I know, I’m a lucky one. I can cook if I have to, but my hubs loves it, so I do the baking and he does the cooking. It’s a solid arrangement we have and I relish in it…until Wildland Man leaves to fight fires, but I guess that’s just part of “Living the Fire Life.” Then I’m left to fend for myself in the kitchen. When I’m a household of one in Wildland Man’s absence, let’s just say my meals usually leave a little something to be desired.

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