Who is the Country Wife?

Who is the Country Wife? www.countrywifechronicles.com

Country Wife Chronicles is a blog that documents the journey of a country wife seeking to savor the stillness of a simple country life…but who exactly is the Country Wife?

Ok, that statement sounds a little like “How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?” But I think you get where I’m going here…

So, grab yourself some coffee and peruse the pages of this blog and you’ll find out just who the Country Wife is.

The Country Wife is…

A woman whose soul yearns for her Father, whose life decisions are founded on faith, and who strives to shine for Him each and every day.

She is a lover of wide-open spaces, fresh air, mason jars, country roads, and cast iron.

She is a purveyor of good deals and an organizing junkie who lives out the less is more mentality.

She is a Fire Wife navigating this wildland fire life with her very best friend one dream at a time.

She is a homemaker who sees recipes as more of a guideline, enjoys a good baking experiment, and likes a balance of both nourishing and indulgent ingredients.

She is you. She is me. She is anyone who finds her likeness in these pages of the Country Wife Chronicles blog.

Loving the Country Life at Country Wife Chronicles

Country Wife Chronicles lovescountry.

We love…windmills on rolling plains, meandering streams, junky rustic milk cans and wagon wheels, and paint-chipped, dust-covered tractors plowing up a field.

We love…a crisp autumn breeze that smells of harvest, roosters crowing with the sun, and the warmth of a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night.

We love…fresh snowfall under a full moon, the melancholy call of the coyote echoing through the hills, ripe tomatoes off the vine, and the scent of fresh cut alfalfa.

We love…warm aromas drifting from the oven, the sparkle of Christmas lights glimmering off crystalized snow, and faded barn wood and burlap.

We love…a successful do-it-yourself project, the satisfaction of planning groceries that will last for a month, and that middle-of-nowhere feeling of home.

Country is not just a place we live; it is a way of life.

It is a life that moves at a slower pace, is set in simpler times, and allows us to just breathe. It is our deepest desire to share this country life with you, the Country Wife Chronicles reader. This way of life is a love affair of sorts for us, one we will always seek to find, no matter where life takes us.

Savoring the Simple Life at Country Wife Chronicles

Country Wife Chronicles believesin simplicity.

We believe…homesteading means living off the land, enjoying what you’ve got, and preferring quality over quantity every time.

We believe…homemade vanilla, grass-fed butter, thick-cut bacon, and farm-to-table vegetables just taste better.

We believe…a peaceful home is a sanctuary created through structure, routine and organization.

We believe…our bodies are made to move and deserve to be cared for, listened to, and appreciated with love and respect.

We believe…a fresh cup of coffee, a morning sunrise, and a good devotional is the best way to start the day. Be still and know…

Here at CWC, we’re all about seeking stillness and simplicity to find joy in the every day.

We want to help you find this same joy by restructuring your priorities, shifting your lifestyle, and choosing to slow down when the rest of the world is speeding up.

Living the Fire Life at Country Wife Chronicles

Country Wife Chronicles is committed toMarriage on Fire.

We are committed to…growing an everlasting marriage built upon enduring love and founded in faith.

We are committed to…finding contentment in all circumstances while pursuing our purpose with confidence in the gifts we’ve been given.

We are committed to…being a Wife on Fire by making intentional efforts for our marriage each and every day to keep the romance alive and ensure lasting happiness.

We are committed to…sharing this life as a Fire Wife, creating a community designed to encourage and build up wives in times of loneliness and distress.

We are committed to…supporting and encouraging our husbands, lifting them up and sending them out with love and assurance day after day.

We believe in living out our vows and relying on the Bible as an instruction manual for marriage and unconditional love. Marriage deserves our time and energy to nurture it, grow it, and embolden it to a deeper level with each passing year.

We choose to be a Wife on Fire and we want to show you how you can too!

So snuggle in and stay awhile, discover your inner Country Wife in the words and stories shared throughout Country Wife Chronicles. We share our stories in the hopes that you will find a connection here. This life that has been written for us is our testimony, our witness to just how amazing our God is…may you learn from our story as it unfolds before us and learn to let God write yours in the process.

As precious Graci would say, “This story is for His glory!”

Of course, if you want to learn more about the author of this blog, the Country Wife, you can find out more about her here.

We’re beyond excited to welcome you into our community!

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